Week 3 & 4: Monetization and Brand building

If you're looking to uplevel your social media strategy and learn how to seriously bring in income efficiently that reflects your level of effort. this mentorship is for you!

You also get access to me personally for the duration of the mentorship, to ask me any questions or for feedback in between sessions, at any time! (Or to just talk, I'm here for you.)

If you're ready to get started, I like to keep it simple. You can checkout below! Once you do, I'll get a notification and I'll send you the link to schedule our first call.

Looking forward to an amazing mentorship!

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Refund Policy:
You are eligible for a refund before our first session. After that, you have committed and all services and mentorship packages are non - Refundable.

Policies and guidelines

Disclaimer: Nick Zei's spiritual coaching is about guidance from nick zei, and nick is hereby not held accountable or liable for reaching certain goals, states, etc. for the coaching to be deemed "working", completed, and such and such. All coaching and therapies are reliant on the individual transforming with the help and guidance of a coach or therapist, but is ultimately up the person to whether they will actually change, heal, or evolve or not.

 Nick is unable to provide any transformation directly for anyone, due to transformation being inherently an inward process only obtainable by the soul who is recieving the coaching. No coach can ever do the work for the client. 

Refund policy

After payment is completed, There is non - refundable policy in place for the duration of the coaching. You are responsible for scheduling your calls, and due to the clientload that nick has, your sessions are valid as follows:

If you purchase the one month tune up: You have two months total to book your four sessions (1 hour sessions) and after two months, the sessions expire.  this is so nick can continue to have a regular schedule and not get overwhelmed with too many clients at once. 

Three month transformation: For the three month transformation, you can reschedule sessions for a maximum of one month after your three months, is up. (one session max per week.)

this means you can reschedule a total of 4 sessions throughout your 3 months in only the following month afterward.

Ultimately these policies are here to keep you accountable, and on track so that once you commit, you don't let your ego get ahold of your perception to make you think you should quit. You deserve your dreams, and nick will help you to attain just that!